Our Story

Lexi Chow created her signature brand of candles to bring together custom fragrances with her own cosmopolitan style.  After two years of research she developed the line with the direction of a fragrance house and has an essential role in the brands scent development. Drawing her influence from trendsetting cities where she blossomed and cultivated her career in entertainment and lifestyle publicity, she finds inspiration in the art of pairing culture, travel and lifestyle for the modern day consumer.

When creating SCENE, she envisioned a contemporary interpretation of nostalgic characteristics of pairing each collection with a fragrance weaved with bold and sophisticated feminine and masculine contrasts.  SCENE's signature glasses are poured with a unique coconut wax blend.  Hence the translation "Candele di Lusso" meaning "Luxury Candles".

SCENE foresees an increased demand of innovations for new and unique luxury home goods and fragrances with high-end appeal providing quality products for the renaissance consumer.